Hira, Se, Obigami, Sode, Mikaeshi, Asobigami, Tobira, Hanzura, Hashira, Dankan

Bookstore, this claims itself the largest in Sydney, or at least the largest Japanese and Chinese bookstore without any doubt, nearly five thousand miles away from its home branch in Shinjuku, a square shelf for mangas and light novels whose adaptations of animes, dramas and movies are on-air in Japan right now, boasted in their ribbons, how do Japanese people here watch them, internet streaming services carry animes and dramas, movie disks usually kept half a year between cinemas and release, trivial Chinese websites’ IP limits, P2P never dies out, every time I come here, once a fortnight or twice a week, these titles are one source to follow and to confirm the trends, not really much intrigues me, what intrigues me not affordable, I need to make constitute a books too damn expensive party, I could fill my bag with thirty bucks at a Chinese university bookstore, imports and acceptable translations, which could be even more without censorship, but you need to live with it, carefully maintaining your source of original books, but the price isn’t all, uni is too far away in suburbs, why not Fuzhou Road, metropolis downtown, featuring bookstores and stationeries, seven-floor prime branch of state-own bookstore chain, arts, ancient, secondhand, three-floor-English-one-floor-Japanese-plus-Animate foreign bookstore, re-embellished private bookstore resembling photos from design websites, imported books incredibly cheaper than their originals, local publications, internet novels, reproduces of classics, kids and young fellows in uniforms, their bags occupy as much space as themselves, checking their reading list homework from schools, they just open books beneath shelves leaving hardly any space, slowly moving among shelves hunting for popular readings, so many of them wearing glasses, when I was their age I usually sit in the bookstore for whole afternoon, their parents calling them back for dinner, atoms form long chains at the cashier and main lobby, supermarket vouchers accepted but takes longer time to process, some clerks dipping finger in heavily worn wet sponge and counting cash, others could pack books with brown paper ribbons in the blink of an eye, bookstores are always too crowded to put anything back to the bag, metro station is only blocks away anyway, books usually come with light dust and paper smells from cheap packaging, which is not really annoying, but it feels confident and fulfilled to have new books in your bag on your return trip, whether you are greedy enough to unpack and read them on the train or until you put on your pajama, the sense of familiar makes them good friends at very first meet, indentations and blank lines, humanist style tiny types between extra leadings, italics and monospaces the same as original programming manuals, you can know from history some old types comes from Japanese Kanji, local successors coming up to match with Latin counterparts, it doesn’t look that bad but still a gap to excellence, however some inherited a steady pace in appearance, humble, moderate, intelligent and considered, Japanese books battling to get noticed, illustrations, photographs, border-pushing and experimental typographic practises on covers, from the moment you enter the bookstore, bestsellers showing their whole cover at appropriate angle, others hiding on the shelf behind spines, graphical elements and compositions gradually change from indisguishingable hair to full details as you wander, different books bring total different feelings, which are so slight that you can tell but you cannot explain, but most of those details are eliminated on internet bookstores, publishers only provides cover scans or naive models from cover and spine scans, which only keeps sampled colors but not the difference only to be told from ink and paper and printing techniques, one book consists of covers, spines, ribbons, pages and many other planes, a pattern of design exists and so do selected components of a general image, this pattern within distinct borders simply strengthens itself, eventually makes it a natural integration more than webpages, books are not only their contents but also their texture and weight, Penguin paperbacks follow a famous grid, design books break every single rules on styling, adult coloring books whiteout and meaninglessly colorful, this idea seems too decadent, it is reachable for more than hobbyists to notice those hard work, even only the appearances could create a storm of information outnumbering any online bookstores bandwidthwisely, station wagons full of tapes pouring down silently in the store, experience is the new product, the argue between ebooks and paper shall continue for decades, how much does the bookstore pay for rent, what about dinner today, but it is kind of odd of a Japanese bookstore with a considerable portion of Japanese visitors, to sort the original Japanese mangas, according to their translated or transliterated titles in English, in alphabetical rather than Gojūon or Iroha order.

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